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_IGP6054 holiday inn
_IGP6056 esme leaving holiday inn
_IGP6063 arrived at trailhead
_IGP6066 interior of forest
_IGP6067 small waterfall
_IGP6069 stump
_IGP6071 crossing the stream
_IGP6072 break
_IGP6074 small stream
_IGP6075 up through the trees
_IGP6079 inclined meadow
_IGP6081 larkspur meadow
_IGP6083 alan shooting meadow
_IGP6084 first glimpse at mountains
_IGP6087 tall evergreens
_IGP6091 smoke break
_IGP6093 hiking up a meadow
_IGP6094 meadow trail
_IGP6096 dandelions
_IGP6097 view east from the pass
_IGP6099 camping basin
_IGP6102 marmot pass sign
_IGP6128 snowy muddy trail
_IGP6129 lizzie at top
_IGP6131 well deserved wine and rest
_IGP6136 signpost and mountains
_IGP6145 meadow detail
_IGP6147 chloe sunbathing
_IGP6150 esme lying down
_IGP6151 first night's camp
_IGP6153 lizzie
_IGP6157 lizzie on trail
_IGP6158 sunset behind mountains
_IGP6160 view to the east
_IGP6161 lizzie and esme watching sunset
_IGP6170 alan esme and lizzie
_IGP6174 licheny rock
_IGP6176 stretching out with a 10mm
_IGP6182 poor self-portrait
_IGP6185 alan shooting sunset
_IGP6186 some flowers and a dog
_IGP6189 esme and tent
_IGP6191 sunrise sky
_IGP6205 encampment from hill
_IGP6208 sunrise
_IGP6210-6219 sunrise pano
_IGP6222 little flowers
_IGP6226 morning light on mountains
_IGP6232 licheny rock in the morning
_IGP6238 sunrise in the valley
_IGP6239 sunrise in valley
_IGP6244 sunrise with ridge
_IGP6246 morning light on hill
_IGP6247 esme watching sunrise
_IGP6258 sunkissed ridge
_IGP6260 side of buckhorn mountain
_IGP6261 snow covered mountains
_IGP6265 view from plateau to ssw
_IGP6272 esme homing in on mt goat
_IGP6279 mt goat on horizon vignette
_IGP6284 mt goat absconding
_IGP6290 morning valley
_IGP6310 lizzie and esme sitting
_IGP6315 chloe in early sunlight
_IGP6316 alan in the sun
_IGP6324 hills through the trees
_IGP6329 morning campsite -or- esme hears a marmot
_IGP6332 marmot at hole (heavy crop)
_IGP6335 pink flowers
_IGP6341 muppet chloe at camp
_IGP6344 camp stove
_IGP6349 eastern view
_IGP6352 taking down the tent
_IGP6354 esme sitting alert
_IGP6363 alan shooting from trail
_IGP6365 lizzie up a switchback
_IGP6372 fallen branches
_IGP6378 tree lichen
_IGP6380 tree trunk detail
_IGP6384 soft meadow path
_IGP6390 the trail behind
_IGP6391 at boulder shelter
_IGP6393 chloe came back
_IGP6396 serious lizzie
_IGP6399 chloe resting in dandelions
_IGP6401 chloe's tired
_IGP6404 alan and lizzie rounding corner to snow
_IGP6405 esme crossing snow
_IGP6411 crossing the snow
_IGP6415 snow at second camp
_IGP6416 afternoon to the east
_IGP6417 clouds while resting
_IGP6419 lizzie lounging
_IGP6426 bw mountains with raven
_IGP6433 distant peaks
_IGP6434-6471 mountains from plateau
_IGP6473 distant mountains
_IGP6475 raven in flight
_IGP6480 eroded peaks
_IGP6481 me on plateau bw high key
_IGP6484 evergreen detail
_IGP6488 pinecones
_IGP6491 cloudy morning peaks
_IGP6495 morning fog in valley
_IGP6497 mountain goat on trail
_IGP6518 low clouds on mountains
_IGP6529 mountain morning
_IGP6531 chilly morning with lizzie and dogs
_IGP6533 dogs meet goat
_IGP6541 mountain goat in wildflowers
_IGP6552 mountain goat posing
_IGP6556 cloudy mountaintops
_IGP6559 curious mountain goat
_IGP6560 mountain goat on rock
_IGP6566 mountain goat
_IGP6573 mountain goat on plateau
_IGP6583 mountain goat up close
_IGP6584 majestic mountain goat
_IGP6585 mountain goat with head turned
_IGP6587 cuddly mountain goat
_IGP6590 mountain goat grazing
_IGP6598 close mountain goat
_IGP6603 mountain goat staredown
_IGP6616 mountain goat invades camp
_IGP6622 mountain goat by forest
_IGP6628 mountain goat by rock
_IGP6631 mountain goat almost smiling
_IGP6637 cloudy below
_IGP6640 lizzie and alan on last day
_IGP6643 descent
_IGP6648 hairy pods
_IGP6652 meadow flowers
_IGP6654 mountain slope and meadow
_IGP6662 wispy clouds among the trees

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