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_IGP6864 FA50 front element
_IGP6866 FA50 rear element
_IGP6867 FA50 through the lens
_IGP6868 FA50
_IGP6872 sigma side view
_IGP6874 sigma front element
_IGP6875 sigma rear element
_IGP6877 FA50 f1.4 crop
_IGP6877 FA50 f1.4
_IGP6878 FA50 f8 crop
_IGP6878 FA50 f8
_IGP6879 sigma 70mm f2.8 crop
_IGP6879 sigma 70mm f2.8
_IGP6880 sigma 70mm f8 crop
_IGP6880 sigma 70mm f8
_IGP6881 200mm f2.8 crop
_IGP6881 sigma 200mm f2.8
_IGP6882 sigma 200mm f8 crop
_IGP6882 sigma 200mm f8

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