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IMG_0993 near wall
IMG_0995 grasshopper on wall
IMG_0996 grasshopper
IMG_0997 daisies
IMG_0997 daisy crop
IMG_0999 fly on daisy
IMG_1004 roses
IMG_1005 stately tree
IMG_1009 little daisies
IMG_1011 little flowers everywhere
IMG_1013 red berries
IMG_1016 dual toned - crop
IMG_1016 dual toned
IMG_1018 orange ball
IMG_1021 dual toned flowers
IMG_1023 yellow berries in front of lake
IMG_1024 yellow berries
IMG_1025 red and yellow
IMG_1026 yellow berries and slate water
IMG_1027 amanda by pond
IMG_1033 fly on pink flower
IMG_1037 wasp on flower
IMG_1042 funky leaves
IMG_1043 very red tree
IMG_1050 magenta claw
IMG_1051 delicate flower
IMG_1055 evergreen needles
IMG_1056 red and green leaf
IMG_1058 wallflower
IMG_1060 roses
IMG_1064 amanda feeling soft leaves
IMG_1081 amanda in fall forest
IMG_1086 amanda by yellow leaves
IMG_1093 yellow leaf detail
IMG_1105 colorful branches
IMG_1111 red leaves on green
IMG_1116 bug on pink flower
IMG_1121 bug on petal
IMG_1129 colchicum
IMG_1132 bee on a flower
IMG_1136 berries and splotchy leaves
IMG_1139 sparse branch against sky
IMG_1149 branches intertwined
IMG_1150 vibrant bush
IMG_1157 pink and yellow flowers
IMG_1161 daddy longlegs on wall
IMG_1168 colorful stems
IMG_1173 red orange and gray
IMG_1174 red berries on branches
IMG_1180 amanda seated portrait
IMG_1182 purple frosted flowers
IMG_1186 red berries and orange leaves
IMG_1187 campfire peppers
IMG_1192 row of peppers
IMG_1195 leaf and stem
IMG_1197 evergreen needles
IMG_1199 elvis scarecrow
IMG_1202 red yellow flower
IMG_1207 amanda by fountain
IMG_1211 tightly packed flowers
IMG_1216 transvestite witch
IMG_1218 creepy clown
IMG_1223 black woman
IMG_1224 bandana guy
IMG_1225 sideburns bird
IMG_1227 scarecrow and path
IMG_1228 sack of potatoes
IMG_1229 seated elvis scarecrow
IMG_1231 long black hair scarecrow
IMG_1232 babushka bird
IMG_1235 amanda and carmen miranda
IMG_1236 carmen's closeup
IMG_1237 birdwatchers
IMG_1238 the bird house
IMG_1241 high results under a horse
IMG_1244 foxtails
IMG_1246 amanda on ladybug
IMG_1247 us in the mantis
IMG_1248 in a mantis' eye
IMG_1250 self-portrait
IMG_1252 amanda in mantis arms
IMG_1254 orange leaves
IMG_1255 foxtails through fence
IMG_1256 dempster windmill
IMG_1257 line of peppers
IMG_1259 peppers
IMG_1260 pretty lettuce
IMG_1262 silo steps
IMG_1263 silo steps
IMG_1264 amanda in grain elevator
IMG_1272 amanda on top of silo
IMG_1274 flag
IMG_1276 red tree
IMG_1279 intense red leaves
IMG_1281 red leaves
IMG_1282 leaves on ground
IMG_1283 red tree
IMG_1284 amanda in front of red tree
IMG_1286 me in front of red tree
IMG_1287 me by red tree
IMG_1290 tree by parking lot
IMG_1295 amanda by brush creek
IMG_1298 waterfire and crowd
IMG_1301 watching waterfire
IMG_1312 quixotic fusion
IMG_1328 plaza tree
IMG_1331 under the bridge
IMG_1333 fires
IMG_1343 quixotic fusion
IMG_1360 quixotic fusion
IMG_1375 plaza tree
IMG_1381 quixotic fusion
IMG_1388 brush creek
IMG_1392 dancing
IMG_1394 haskey
IMG_1413 group
IMG_1416 amanda jacob and deana
IMG_1419 jacob silj
IMG_1425 lone tree

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