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IMG_2140 vendors' wares
IMG_2142 top of the hill
IMG_2144 girl hugging amanda
IMG_2145 amanda at school
IMG_2147 amanda hugging leonie
IMG_2149 throng of children around amanda
IMG_2151 amanda getting hugs
IMG_2152 amanda getting hugs
IMG_2153 amanda taking a picture
IMG_2154 boys playing with tire
IMG_2160 amanda being shown classroom
IMG_2165 kids along wall
IMG_2166 kids along wall
IMG_2168 classroom
IMG_2169 misfocused classroom
IMG_2170 boy and girl
IMG_2172 boy close up
IMG_2177 crowd outside classroom
IMG_2179 kids around me
IMG_2180 kids around me
IMG_2182 kids by amanda
IMG_2183 kids by amanda
IMG_2184 kids by me
IMG_2187 three kids
IMG_2188 kids
IMG_2191 kids around me
IMG_2193 girl and boy
IMG_2194 happy kids
IMG_2197 three girls
IMG_2198 boy and girl
IMG_2199 kids close by
IMG_2202 amanda with girls
IMG_2205 kids at play
IMG_2206 serious kids
IMG_2207 schoolkids
IMG_2209 amanda ready to leave
IMG_2211 boys looking up
IMG_2213 little girl
IMG_2214 little boy
IMG_2216 little girl
IMG_2217 girl with candy
IMG_2217 jamaican schoolgirl
IMG_2219 group shot
IMG_2224 kids behind fence
IMG_2226 jamaican currency
IMG_2227 jamaican currency
IMG_2229 me and amanda on bus
IMG_2230 fern gully
IMG_2239 tiny mushrooms in fern gully
IMG_2244 ready freddy
IMG_2246 cruise ship docked in ocho rios
IMG_2253 huge spider at shaw park gardens
IMG_2256 shaw park spider again
IMG_2264 flowers
IMG_2265 backlit red and green leaves
IMG_2268 orange plant
IMG_2274 amanda with red puff
IMG_2275 fanned out palm
IMG_2280 shaw park gardens
IMG_2287 shaw park waterfall
IMG_2288 amanda in front of waterfall
IMG_2289 pink sigmoid flower
IMG_2295 garden guide
IMG_2298 pond
IMG_2302 guide with hibiscuses
IMG_2304 amanda with hibiscus in hair
IMG_2306 green and purple foliage
IMG_2312 amanda and me at garden
IMG_2316 amanda by big banyan
IMG_2317 me by big banyan
IMG_2327 dragonfly
IMG_2331 dragonfly
IMG_2338 dunn's river falls
IMG_2343 dunn's river videographer
IMG_2345 dunn's river videographer
IMG_2359 jetski by beach
IMG_2367 couples game

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