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IMG_2505 snow covered plants
IMG_2507 snow covered tree
IMG_2508 snowy branch
IMG_2509 snowy branches
IMG_2511 big tree and houses
IMG_2513 down 24th
IMG_2514 up an alley
IMG_2517 snowy street
IMG_2521 snowy bush
IMG_2522 line of bushes
IMG_2526 branch in front of apartments
IMG_2530 dog walker
IMG_2532 bw sidewalk
IMG_2533 snowy scene
IMG_2534 bushes by sidewalk
IMG_2535 diagonal branch
IMG_2536 snow topped fence
IMG_2537 utility pole
IMG_2540 street marker
IMG_2541 snowy branch
IMG_2542 decorative fence
IMG_2546 lawn flamingo
IMG_2547 flamingo portrait
IMG_2551 seed pod
IMG_2552 grill vent
IMG_2553 brimley

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