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IMG_3247 Larry M chatting from grill
IMG_3248 Amanda
IMG_3250 Mom squinting at something
IMG_3251 Alex
IMG_3252 Dad and Larry M
IMG_3253 Mary and Yike
IMG_3255 Mom and Amanda
IMG_3256 blue flower
IMG_3257 blossoms
IMG_3258 purple heart
IMG_3260 Kevins
IMG_3269 Dad with crazy hair
IMG_3270 Mom
IMG_3271 Mom
IMG_3276 Amanda
IMG_3278 Mom
IMG_3279 Amanda smelling flowers
IMG_3281 purple blossoms
IMG_3283 purple flower
IMG_3284 around the lunch table
IMG_3286 Mom on chair
IMG_3288 Larry M
IMG_3290 eating lunch
IMG_3291 lunch
IMG_3294 lunch
IMG_3296 blossoming tree

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