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IMG_4410 on the road
IMG_4412 big sky
IMG_4414 welcome to iowa sign
IMG_4415 iowa welcome center flags
IMG_4417 amish country store -- and welcome center
IMG_4418 welcome center cows
IMG_4420 haskey and amanda by cows
IMG_4422 haskey and amanda jumping
IMG_4423 haskey and amanda jumping
IMG_4425 windmill
IMG_4426 windmill and sun
IMG_4427 windmill and sky
IMG_4428 amanda in gazebo
IMG_4431 amanda haskey gazebo
IMG_4433 daisies at welcome center
IMG_4434 daisies
IMG_4435 daisy
IMG_4436 almost to an overpass
IMG_4438 self-portrait
IMG_4439 photobombed
IMG_4441 jumping at Dahl's
IMG_4442 jumping at Dahl's
IMG_4443 jumping at Dahl's
IMG_4445 haskey and amanda at dahl's
IMG_4446 haskey and amanda at dahl's
IMG_4448 haskey and amanda jumping at dahl's
IMG_4450 Thai Flavors panang curry
IMG_4451 Thai Flavors panang curry
IMG_4453 haskey and amanda at thai flavors
IMG_4455 haskey and amanda at thai flavors
IMG_4459 Mid Iowa Rollers
IMG_4462 wrestling
IMG_4467 wrestling
IMG_4476 suicide seating sign
IMG_4477 roller
IMG_4481 rollers on bench
IMG_4486 jammer
IMG_4501 jammer
IMG_4502 jammer
IMG_4513 jammer
IMG_4528 impact
IMG_4536 sorry bout ur face
IMG_4555 roller derby score
IMG_4556 amanda and haskey breaking the rules
IMG_4557 amanda and haskey passed out
IMG_4560 clock tower
IMG_4561 Court District
IMG_4563 court avenue brewing co beer
IMG_4564 beer
IMG_4565 amanda advertising beer
IMG_4566 court avenue view

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