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IMG_4567 Coker furniture and fake cheese
IMG_4569 street by sculpture park
IMG_4570 scary face
IMG_4572 daisies
IMG_4573 daisies
IMG_4574 pink flowers
IMG_4575 yellow wildflowers
IMG_4577 letter sculpture
IMG_4580 letter sculpture close up
IMG_4581 letter sculpture closer up
IMG_4582 des moines through letters
IMG_4583 haskey in sculpture
IMG_4586 amanda inside sculpture
IMG_4587 purple streaked white flower
IMG_4589 purple and white flower
IMG_4590 wildflowers by sidewalk
IMG_4591 down street towards Capitol
IMG_4592 baby flower
IMG_4593 closeup purple and white flower
IMG_4594 we can fight stigmas
IMG_4595 pink or purple flower
IMG_4596 keith haring-ish sculpture
IMG_4597 intense black and yellow flower
IMG_4600 cross-processed daisy
IMG_4601 parking meters
IMG_4602 rabbit sculpture
IMG_4603 hoers
IMG_4604 horse closeup
IMG_4605 very yellow flower
IMG_4606 black eyed susan profile
IMG_4607 downtown from capitol
IMG_4609 dreamy yellow lily
IMG_4614 Amanda and capitol
IMG_4615 downtown Des Moines from capitol
IMG_4616 sundial
IMG_4620 capitol cannon
IMG_4623 wing of capitol
IMG_4624 capitol front steps
IMG_4625 flowers
IMG_4626 daisies
IMG_4627 pink and orange flower
IMG_4633 pubic library
IMG_4636 library sign
IMG_4637 thai food
IMG_4639 butterfly resting on leaf
IMG_4640 black and white butterfly
IMG_4644 butterfly head on
IMG_4645 orange butterfly wings
IMG_4650 butterfly against the light
IMG_4652 butterfly portrait
IMG_4656 striped butterfly
IMG_4667 butterfly on leaf
IMG_4669 butterfly on leaf
IMG_4678 butterfly eyes
IMG_4680 butterfly closeup
IMG_4686 orange and yellow butterfly
IMG_4687 orange butterfly on leaf
IMG_4690 two butterflies
IMG_4696 butterfly drinking nectar
IMG_4698 drab butterfly
IMG_4699 pale yellow flower
IMG_4700 pale yellow flower square crop
IMG_4701 soft red petals
IMG_4702 leaf with holes
IMG_4706 fuzzy red flower parts
IMG_4711 purple flower
IMG_4714 lily
IMG_4715 lots of lilies
IMG_4720 intense red orange lily
IMG_4724 Amanda hugging world's largest concrete gnome
IMG_4728 flamingo garden
IMG_4736 covered bridge
IMG_4738 bridge defacement
IMG_4744 iowa welcome sign
IMG_4747 sunset from car
IMG_4750 sunset from car

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