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IMG_5025 Molly working puzzle
IMG_5027 Molly working puzzle
IMG_5029 Molly working puzzle
IMG_5030 view from Eric's house
IMG_5031 antelope island
IMG_5032 antelope island
IMG_5034 antelope island buffalo
IMG_5038 clouds rolling in
IMG_5042 idaho brush
IMG_5046 car parked in idaho
IMG_5049 idaho grass
IMG_5051 grass with bridge
IMG_5052 idaho thai salad
IMG_5053 thai entree
IMG_5056 storm rolling in at sawtooth mountains
IMG_5057 sawtooth storm
IMG_5059 sawtooth storm
IMG_5067 sawtooth storm and sign
IMG_5068 sawtooth storm
IMG_5070 sawtooth storm
IMG_5074 sawtooth scenic byway
IMG_5079 sawtooth area
IMG_5080 sawtooth ranch
IMG_5081 sawtooth mountains
IMG_5082 sawtooth panorama
IMG_5093 sawtooth scenic byway
IMG_5094 sawtooth scenic byway (low)
IMG_5098 sawtooth panorama
IMG_5102 approaching storm
IMG_5109 sawtooth field
IMG_5111 rainy hills
IMG_5112 tree in front of hills
IMG_5116 mountain stream
IMG_5119 lucky peak dam lake
IMG_5120 lucky peak dam lake
IMG_5121 lucky peak dam lake
IMG_5123 lucky peak dam lake
IMG_5125 lucky peak dam with cross
IMG_5127 amanda at lucky peak dam lake

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