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IMG_5299 Lizzie's place in the woods
IMG_5302 Esme in the back of the car
IMG_5304 view from Mt Baker parking lot
IMG_5306 from Mt Baker trail
IMG_5309 view from Mt Baker trail
IMG_5314 snowy slope
IMG_5317 Lizzie with Chloe
IMG_5326 view from trail
IMG_5338 Lizzie, Amanda, and two dogs
IMG_5341 me in front of mountains
IMG_5344 me and Lizzie
IMG_5348 snowy peak
IMG_5356 chloe close-up profile
IMG_5359 Esme and Lizzie
IMG_5362 Esme and Lizzie
IMG_5365 Esme and Lizzie
IMG_5367 chloe portrait
IMG_5369 Amanda Chloe and me on mountain
IMG_5381 picture lake
IMG_5382 picture lake
IMG_5383 rock person
IMG_5384 rock person

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