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IMG_5387 neon sign at Pike's Place
IMG_5388 crab display
IMG_5396 Pike's Place seafood
IMG_5397 Amanda with ridiculous dummy
IMG_5398 cool light fixture
IMG_5402 Amanda Lizzie Geoff and Pam
IMG_5403 questionable use of trespassed
IMG_5404 gum wall
IMG_5405 gum wall detail
IMG_5406 gum wall closeup
IMG_5407 gum wall with street
IMG_5408 gum wall spiderman
IMG_5409 gum wall pointed up
IMG_5410 gum wall person and messages
IMG_5413 Pike's Place market sign
IMG_5416 leaving Chloe
IMG_5417 downtown Seattle from Space Needle
IMG_5420 Elliot Bay from Space Needle
IMG_5422 prawn pasta at Space Needle
IMG_5424 downtown Seattle at sunset
IMG_5426 Seattle and Elliot Bay
IMG_5429 sunset over Elliot Bay
IMG_5434 Amanda on observation deck
IMG_5435 brooding sky over Seattle
IMG_5436 Seattle at night
IMG_5437 downtown Seattle at night
IMG_5439 Seattle skyscrapers
IMG_5441 downtown streets and monorail
IMG_5444 some bokeh

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