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IMG_5481 welcome to Concrete, WA
IMG_5485 cloudy mountain
IMG_5488 cloudy tree topped mountain
IMG_5493 cloudy mountain and trees
IMG_5496 ranch and mountain
IMG_5498 North Cascades scenic byway
IMG_5500 green rainforest
IMG_5501 mossy rocks by trail
IMG_5502 mossy tree bark
IMG_5504 overlook
IMG_5507 forest trail
IMG_5511 forest hill
IMG_5516 waterfall from highway
IMG_5522 mountain and green stream
IMG_5525 mountain lake
IMG_5526 mountain lake
IMG_5530 mountains and lake
IMG_5542 mountain with lake
IMG_5547 Amanda and me
IMG_5553 parking lot
IMG_5556 highway
IMG_5557 foggy rainforest
IMG_5558 foggy trail
IMG_5560 distant mountain in fog
IMG_5562 foggy fence on mountaintop
IMG_5565 foggy fence on mountain
IMG_5566 cliff in fog
IMG_5567 twisted tree in fog
IMG_5569 tenacious tree and fog
IMG_5571 watery needles
IMG_5575 foggy mountainside
IMG_5579 foggy forest trail
IMG_5582 foggy trail
IMG_5583 Bobcat in the woods
IMG_5584 Bobcat in the fog
IMG_5586 eastern Washington river

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