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IMG_5604 Wall Drug chapel
IMG_5605 stuffed animals
IMG_5606 mustachioed gentleman
IMG_5607 greetings from the Black Hills billboard
IMG_5608 Amanda jumping under Black Hills billboard
IMG_5609 Amanda on covered wagon
IMG_5610 Amanda waving from covered wagon
IMG_5611 Amanda in cutout covered wagon
IMG_5612 me in Indian cutout
IMG_5614 Amanda in Indian woman cutout
IMG_5617 Amanda riding horse
IMG_5619 me riding horse
IMG_5620 Amanda by Mt Rushmore
IMG_5621 little sad looking bear
IMG_5622 problem during poker
IMG_5623 frightfully insane gentleman
IMG_5625 animatronic T-Rex
IMG_5626 wooden horse
IMG_5630 Amanda by Mt Rushmore
IMG_5633 Amanda by Mt Rushmore
IMG_5634 bridge
IMG_5637 taxidermy with weird facial expression
IMG_5638 stuffed wolf
IMG_5639 stuffed wolf hunting

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