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IMG_7956 West Lodge Park Hotel breakfast
IMG_7959 black pudding
IMG_7960 first Tube train
IMG_7963 escalator out of Tube
IMG_7964 waiting for train
IMG_7966 Euston station
IMG_7967 Tube station
IMG_7973 bubble wand user at Camden Lock Market
IMG_7975 Camden Town station exterior
IMG_7976 intersection
IMG_7978 telephone booth
IMG_7979 Southwark Cathedral
IMG_7981 statue by London Bridge
IMG_7984 Tower Bridge from London Bridge
IMG_7987 stairway to Thames riverwalk
IMG_7988 stairs to nowhere
IMG_7989 skyscraper under construction
IMG_7990 London Bridge underside
IMG_7993 max headroom
IMG_7995 Tower of London exterior and moat
IMG_7997 Tower wall with arrowslits
IMG_7998 line for Tower
IMG_7999 backlit Big Ben tower
IMG_8000 Big Ben clock
IMG_8002 Cadbury creme egg McFlurry
IMG_8004 Camden Eye fish and chips
IMG_8006 entrance to Tower
IMG_8007 tower
IMG_8008 byward tower
IMG_8009 Traitors' Gate
IMG_8011 St. Thomas' Tower
IMG_8013 Tower courtyard
IMG_8014 building with crown jewels
IMG_8015 building with crown jewels
IMG_8016 cannons
IMG_8019 Henry VIII's armor
IMG_8020 Henry VIII's armor
IMG_8021 armor
IMG_8023 Henry VIII's armor
IMG_8024 Japanese armor
IMG_8028 crossed guns and armor
IMG_8031 chapel
IMG_8032 chapel
IMG_8033 chapel detail
IMG_8034 window and spiral stairs
IMG_8035 window
IMG_8037 weird dragon
IMG_8039 guns
IMG_8040 coat of arms
IMG_8041 Lion of St Mark
IMG_8043 Tower Bridge
IMG_8044 Tower Bridge
IMG_8046 Tower Bridge arch
IMG_8050 Tower Bridge tower
IMG_8054 Tower Bridge road
IMG_8055 West Lodge Park Hotel cream of watercress soup
IMG_8058 spinach and pumpkin curry
IMG_8060 creme brulee

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