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IMG_8076 Tube station
IMG_8077 Notting Hill Gate station
IMG_8078 train tracks and tunnel
IMG_8080 Big Ben clock tower
IMG_8084 Big Ben and Parliament
IMG_8085 Big Ben and Parliament
IMG_8087 London Eye
IMG_8088 Parliament and Big Ben
IMG_8097 Westminster Millennium Pier
IMG_8100 Parliament and Big Ben from the Thames
IMG_8102 Parliament detail
IMG_8109 riverfront building
IMG_8111 figure on bridge
IMG_8112 old power plant
IMG_8120 upcoming bridge
IMG_8121 Easter egg display
IMG_8126 Orangery Caesar salad and salmon
IMG_8127 salmon detail
IMG_8129 tulips
IMG_8131 tulip
IMG_8136 flowers
IMG_8137 flowers
IMG_8138 flowers
IMG_8139 purple white and orange flowers
IMG_8140 pollenous flower
IMG_8141 palm house
IMG_8142 duck
IMG_8144 duck
IMG_8148 puffy flowers
IMG_8149 purple flowers
IMG_8150 flowers
IMG_8151 flower closeup
IMG_8155 royal lion
IMG_8156 coco-de-mer
IMG_8157 tropical leaves
IMG_8158 colorful waxy leaves
IMG_8161 yellow flowers from a tree
IMG_8162 palm frond
IMG_8166 little red flower
IMG_8167 mister
IMG_8169 puff ball flower
IMG_8170 flower decoration
IMG_8171 treetops
IMG_8172 flower decoration detail
IMG_8173 flower decoration
IMG_8174 treetops
IMG_8175 flower rising above
IMG_8178 forested walk
IMG_8182 from treetop walkway
IMG_8183 buildings from treetop walkway
IMG_8185 my shadow on the treetops
IMG_8190 upper tree limbs
IMG_8194 walkway fence
IMG_8197 peafowl
IMG_8203 delicate tree flowers
IMG_8206 serrated leaves
IMG_8208 pagoda
IMG_8209 gate detail
IMG_8213 pagoda tiers
IMG_8217 free roaming chickens
IMG_8218 running rooster

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