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IMG_8221 14 Bedford Square
IMG_8222 entrance to British Museum
IMG_8223 Edward VII's galleries
IMG_8224 Buddha statue and columns
IMG_8225 Buddha head
IMG_8226 receipts
IMG_8227 animal head
IMG_8231 Imdugud
IMG_8232 statue of Gudea
IMG_8234 ancient musical instrument
IMG_8235 ancient musical instrument
IMG_8236 bewbs
IMG_8237 old game board
IMG_8239 sarcophagus
IMG_8242 goat
IMG_8243 cat
IMG_8244 baboon
IMG_8246 mummy
IMG_8247 canopic jars
IMG_8249 burial box
IMG_8250 poorly preserved remains
IMG_8252 mummified body
IMG_8253 couple
IMG_8259 mummified cat
IMG_8262 British Museum appetizers
IMG_8264 British Museum beef wok
IMG_8266 British Museum rhubarb tart and ginger ice cream
IMG_8267 Great Court roof
IMG_8268 Great Court roof
IMG_8271 top of totem pole
IMG_8273 giant lion statue
IMG_8274 obelisk
IMG_8276 Great Court
IMG_8279 big Egyptian head
IMG_8281 Rosetta Stone
IMG_8282 Rosetta Stone
IMG_8285 cat-headed statues
IMG_8286 big face
IMG_8287 wall decoration
IMG_8294 angry big cat
IMG_8297 detail of a slab
IMG_8298 giant human headed lion
IMG_8299 giant human headed lion
IMG_8300 hallway
IMG_8302 Assyrian lion hunt
IMG_8303 Assyrian lion hunt - dying lion
IMG_8305 Assyrian lion hunt
IMG_8308 crouching Venus
IMG_8311 Hellenistic figure
IMG_8312 robed woman
IMG_8313 damaged statue
IMG_8314 creepy head
IMG_8315 epic beard
IMG_8316 philosophers - Sokrates
IMG_8317 philosophers - Antisthenes
IMG_8318 philosophers - Chrysippos
IMG_8319 philosophers - Epikouros
IMG_8322 crazy or happy naked fat guy
IMG_8323 hound statue
IMG_8325 Nereid monument
IMG_8328 Nereid monument
IMG_8329 greeks beating up women
IMG_8330 Greeks beating up women
IMG_8331 King's Library
IMG_8332 nude statue in King's Library
IMG_8333 American figure
IMG_8336 Asian statues
IMG_8339 backlit Buddha
IMG_8341 leering figure
IMG_8342 glossy green Asian figure
IMG_8349 ancient Japanese statue
IMG_8359 samurai armor
IMG_8360 whiskey shop partial Scotch selection
IMG_8361 Socialist bookshop
IMG_8362 Royal Mile Whiskies
IMG_8364 traffic being stopped at Buckingham Palace
IMG_8366 Buckingham Palace
IMG_8369 media shooting a 7D
IMG_8370 press structure
IMG_8371 Will and Kate flag
IMG_8372 Queen Victoria monument
IMG_8378 flowers by press area
IMG_8382 palace and people
IMG_8385 palace and people
IMG_8387 man in costume
IMG_8389 mounted police
IMG_8391 crowd along Mall
IMG_8393 crowd along Mall
IMG_8396 bobby stopping pedestrian traffic
IMG_8398 view down street
IMG_8401 Admiralty Arch
IMG_8405 Nelson's Column
IMG_8408 flags on Admiralty Arch
IMG_8413 London architecture
IMG_8415 unknown building
IMG_8418 equestrian statue and building
IMG_8423 woman posing with guard
IMG_8425 World War II women's memorial
IMG_8428 Westminster Abbey
IMG_8430 Westminster Abbey
IMG_8435 Westminster Abbey
IMG_8437 Abbey towers
IMG_8442 Balans calamari
IMG_8443 Balans sesame tuna
IMG_8444 Balans Oreo key lime pie
IMG_8445 High Street Kensington station
IMG_8448 High Street Kensington sign
IMG_8449 pigeon-proof cameras

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