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IMG_8452 Natural History Museum building
IMG_8455 entryway
IMG_8457 mesolite crystals
IMG_8459 ruin marble
IMG_8461 components of gunpowder
IMG_8464 aa
IMG_8465 dinosaur in main hall
IMG_8467 Natural History Museum main entrance
IMG_8470 Darwin statue
IMG_8471 surfing dinosaur
IMG_8472 animatronic T-Rex
IMG_8480 T-Rex
IMG_8484 blue whale exhibit
IMG_8486 Dei Frescobaldi salad
IMG_8488 Dei Frescobaldi pumpkin ravioli
IMG_8489 Glenfiddich 30 and 40 year
IMG_8490 Piccadilly Square
IMG_8492 reveling crowds
IMG_8493 men in wedding dresses
IMG_8496 vegetable tempura
IMG_8497 panang curry
IMG_8498 Gielgud
IMG_8499 Lyric and Apollo Theaters
IMG_8500 Gap store at Piccadilly Circus
IMG_8501 twilight Piccadilly circus
IMG_8502 Piccadilly Circus lights

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