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IMG_8734 view from Marriot 38th floor room
IMG_8736 Canal St streetcar tracks
IMG_8737 indeed
IMG_8738 grave
IMG_8739 Tierney's cross
IMG_8740 City Park trees
IMG_8741 City Park trees
IMG_8743 breakdancer warmup
IMG_8748 breakdancer doing handstand
IMG_8750 breakdancer spinning
IMG_8751 breakdancer spinning
IMG_8763 breakdancer preparing to spin
IMG_8764 breakdancer spinning on one hand
IMG_8771 breakdancer spinning
IMG_8775 breakdancer announcement
IMG_8784 breakdancer doing head spin
IMG_8785 boy giving out beads
IMG_8786 band by Jackson Square
IMG_8789 girl dancing to band
IMG_8792 band by Jackson Square
IMG_8793 strutting pigeon
IMG_8795 pigeon
IMG_8800 living statue robot
IMG_8801 living statue
IMG_8802 Bombay Cafe bar
IMG_8803 Erin with violet martini
IMG_8805 pork porter house
IMG_8806 Erin's entree

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