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IMG_8807 airboat swamp ride
IMG_8810 ho ho spanish moss
IMG_8815 alligator approaching
IMG_8817 alligator eating marshmallow
IMG_8818 alligator chillin
IMG_8823 dragonfly on swamp plant
IMG_8836 path through swamp
IMG_8841 lurking alligator
IMG_8843 marsh land
IMG_8845 large bird flying above marsh
IMG_8847 alligator approaching
IMG_8856 moorhen
IMG_8863 moorhen regarding marshmallow
IMG_8864 moorhen fleeing with marshmallow
IMG_8867 moorhen escaping from alligator
IMG_8874 moorhen being fed
IMG_8878 alligator toupee
IMG_8880 alligator hanging out on reeds
IMG_8882 alligator toupee
IMG_8887 alligator resting
IMG_8891 Captain Bebop holding baby alligator
IMG_8895 baby gator in lap
IMG_8898 Erin holding alligator
IMG_8900 moorhen approaching through grass
IMG_8905 native swamp
IMG_8906 flower
IMG_8907 flower
IMG_8914 Erin with living statue
IMG_8916 masquerade procession down Bourbon Street
IMG_8918 band marching down Bourbon Street
IMG_8919 masked revelers
IMG_8922 me at musical legends park
IMG_8923 me and Erin
IMG_8928 dancing at musical legends park
IMG_8929 church across from Domenica
IMG_8930 view from Domenica

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