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IMG_8964 jax at 100mm
IMG_8966 jax at 100mm
IMG_8967 jax saying cheese
IMG_8968 jax in car seat
IMG_8969 jax in car seat
IMG_8971 jax getting his face painted
IMG_8973 jax getting his face painted
IMG_8974 jax getting his face painted
IMG_8975 yellow flower
IMG_8978 moth on erin's finger
IMG_8979 red flower with orange innards
IMG_8981 butterfly on stump feeding
IMG_8982 orchid
IMG_8983 moth on orange flower
IMG_8984 blue butterfly in repose
IMG_8987 feeding butterfly on stump
IMG_8988 feeding stump butterfly
IMG_8991 butterfly resting on stump and feeding
IMG_8992 bright moth
IMG_8994 butterfly resting
IMG_8995 jaxon the monarch
IMG_8998 monarchs
IMG_8999 monarchs
IMG_9001 monarch in repose
IMG_9004 monarch on chewed leaf
IMG_9006 monarch caterpillars
IMG_9007 monarch on small flowers
IMG_9013 erin holding jax holding caterpillar
IMG_9014 monarch
IMG_9016 butterflies getting it on
IMG_9018 caterpillar and monarch
IMG_9021 upside down monarch
IMG_9022 monarch body and wing detail
IMG_9024 jax in fountain
IMG_9030 jax in fountain
IMG_9032 multicolored peppers
IMG_9033 multicolored peppers
IMG_9034 coming storm
IMG_9036 dinosaur family
IMG_9038 storm clouds closing in
IMG_9040 gathering storm over pond
IMG_9041 jaxosaurus
IMG_9043 jaxosaurus snarling

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